Walking School Bus & Bike Train

Walking School Bus

You can read up on our Walking School Bus program in this handy 1-page flyer, or you can watch a quick 2 minute video about how the Walking School Bus works.

Walking school bus photo

A Walking School Bus is a group of families living in the same neighborhood who form a walking group to take children in their area to and/or from school. Parents or “drivers” take turns walking along a set route to and from school, collecting children from designated “bus stops” along the way. Parents can determine route schedules that work for them.

Adults share the responsibility of getting the kids to school safely, which saves time for all of them, and the kids get exercise that helps them focus in school. The walk to school is a chance for parents to share, teach and talk with your kids without the stress of honking horns and backed-up traffic. It’s a chance to for you to meet your children’s friends, their parents, get to know the neighborhood, and teach your kids to be street smart and safe.

Bike Train

Like walking school buses, bike trains are groups of parents and kids who ride together from the same neighborhood along a designated route.