Click here for Safe Routes tools to help you and your students stay active and healthy while learning from home.

Learning at Home: Grades 4-5

Items marked with an * are part of  the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Educator Guide, a resource full of healthy walking and rolling activities that overlap with Common Core standards.

  • Greenhouse in a Bottle* – A lesson plan for teaching about global warming and creating your own mini greenhouse.
  • What’s in Our Air* – A lesson plan for teaching about air quality and the connection to health
  • Safe Routes Reading List – A list of age-appropriate, transportation-related books.
  • Online Rail Safety Presentation – An audio-guided powerpoint covering important rail safety tips. Great for grades  3-5.
  • Online Rail Safety Participant Survey – Have students complete this quiz after they’ve viewed the Online Rail Safety Presentation.
  • Outdoor Life Scavenger Hunt – Get ready to go on a hunt for local wildlife!
  • Pedestrian Safer Journey – This video and quiz teaches students about pedestrian safety. Use it on its own or to augment a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Bicycle Safer Journey – This video and quiz teaches students about bicycle safety. Use it on its own or to augment a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Bicycle ABCs Coloring Sheets – These fun coloring sheets teach the Biking ABC quick check.
  • Safe Routes to Schools Video Playlist – A collection of bicycling and walking education videos.
  • Bicycle Flash Cards – A virtual set of flashcards that will help students learn the different parts of a bicycle. Simply download a free app and enter the provided code.
  • Pen Pals – Stay connected while we’re keeping our physical distance! Each month, we’ll provide a letter writing prompt that aligns with our Wellness Walk theme.
  • Walking Safety Kit– A presentation on safe walking, along with our Walk Pledge, safe walking activities, and a walking safety quiz.
    • Note: There are a lot of resources in this Walking Safety Kit! If you would like any of these materials sent to you as individual documents (the PowerPoint slides, the quizzes, the activities, etc.) please email and we will get them to you!
  • How Walkable is My Route?*: Use this walkability checklist to rate your walking route.
  • Community Activist Worksheet*: Help change your community! Brainstorm what changes could make your community more walkable and bikeable.
  • Pledge Card: Take the pledge to go green and increase your walking and rolling!