Travel Training


Our Travel Training program educates students on how to useactive and shared transportation. It includes information on biking, walking and rolling 

  • Taking public transportation
  • How to obtain and use a student transit pass or youth Clipper Card
  • How to link public transit with safe biking and walking
  • How to use cars less and other transportation more! 

Travel Training lessons can be adapted to cater to students’ experience, geographical access, and level of experience with active transportation. We can also facilitate student-led projects to encourage the use of active and shared transportation at schools where that is desired.  

Travel Training Delivery During Distance Learning

While schools in Alameda County are operating remotely, we’re offering the Travel Training via Zoom. Each presentation can accommodate up to 100 participants.  Presentations will be scheduled based on the needs of individual participating schools and teachers. We can offer presentations to PE classes, assembly-style gatherings of multiple classes, and smaller groups such as clubs or leadership classes. 

Requirements for hosting a Travel Training workshop are:

  • A desire to improve student’s knowledge about and access to active transportation
  • A teacher who will invite SR2S educators into their classroom to facilitate the workshop

To schedule a Travel Training workshop, please fill out this form and someone from our team will follow up with you. On the form, please indicate your top dates and times for the presentation.


Travel Training Types

We have three different training options: a bite size training, a basic training and a more advanced training. More information on each is below:

Basic Travel Training

Best suited for middle school students, in this training students learn about staying safe while walking and rolling, the steps of riding the bus, how to check bus schedules, bus etiquette, how to get a youth Clipper Card, and how to combine transit and bicycle trips (via a a demonstration of how to load a bike onto an AC Transit bicycle rack). 

Time: Either one 75-minute presentation or two 40-minute presentations. 

Bite-size Travel Training 

For schools who have shorter windows of time available, this condensed version of the Basic Travel Training covers the most important info from the training in a 45 minute presentation. 

Time: One 45 minute presentation. 

Advanced Travel Training

Best suited for high school students, the Advanced Travel Trainingis designed for schools and students where there is already some understanding of how to use active transportation at school.  This training will help students overcome barriers to using active transportation and create more positive experiences, leading to mode shift in the overall school community.  It includes interactive activities such as a bus etiquette quiz and a travel race to see how different modes of transportation stack up.  

Time: Two 45-minute presentations. 

Student-Led Projects

At schools where there is interest, the Advanced Travel Training can be followed by a facilitated discussion about ways to take action to promote active and shared transportation. Participants will then develop projects in response to needs identified during the Travel Training.