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International Walk & Roll to School Day

October 7, 2020 marks International Walk and Roll to School Day (IWR2SD), an annual event held by schools across Alameda County—and the world—that encourages students, families, and the school community to walk, bicycle, or use other non-motorized transportation to get to school.

This is an excellent opportunity to make streets safer and reduce traffic congestion near schools, improve air quality, and celebrate the school’s community spirit, which can continue throughout the year by celebrating a Walk and Roll to School Day once a month, every week or every day!

Whether you’re new to IWR2SD or it’s a tradition at your school, we have many tools available to help make your event a success.

Media Opportunities

Check back in late September for more information on 2019 IWR2SD media opportunities!

Walking & Rolling Safety Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you continue to walk and roll to school this fall and beyond:

Daylight Savings Safety Tips

Whether you walk or bike, wear light and bright colors and reflective or blinking lights if possible. They are easier to see and make you more visible to other people using the road. When driving, remember that kids move in unpredictable ways, so keep both hands on the wheel and drive slowly in school zones.

Winter Walking and Rolling Reminders

Winter doesn’t have to mean being less active! On most days, the weather is mild enough for children to walk and bike to school. Make sure your child dresses properly with bright clothing and layers.

Here are a few tips for cold days:

    1. 1. Wear bright colors.
    2. 2. Make sure your child has waterproof rain gear.
    3. 3. Dress in layers – you warm up quickly when walking and riding.
    4. 4. Wear hats, hoods, or headbands to cover the neck and ears (under the helmet when biking).
    5. 5. Carry an umbrella and wear rain boots.
    6. 6. Wear full-fingered gloves.
    7. 7. Wear a wind-proof jacket.
    8. 8. When riding a bike with your child, make sure to ride slower. The roads may be slick, and you may need to brake sooner.