“Go Green” Classroom Curriculum

Go Green is an interactive, Common Core aligned presentation that teaches elementary, middle, and high school students about climate change and the environmental effects of transportation. Students will learn the benefits of walking, rolling, carpooling, and riding the transit, as well as how to be responsible travelers, and promote transportation change within their communities.

This curriculum is available both online and in person. Educators can make a copy of the curriculum and teach it on their own. Educator notes are embedded in the power point notes. Schools can also request that a site coordinator teach the curriculum.

Session length: one 40-minute session for elementary, two 40-minute sessions each for middle or high school. 

  • Number of students/classes that can be accommodated at once: Up to 40 students, either by classroom or by opt-in. A teacher, school representative, or parent must be present.
  • Number of classes that can be booked at one school per day: One class for elementary, two classes for middle/high school (condensed one-day class for middle school is also available).
  • Technology requirements: Zoom (for online presentations).

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