Drive Your Bike


Drive Your Bike programs encourage and prepare students to safely bike to school, and around their community. Programs start in the classroom, move to the blacktop, and culminate with an off-campus neighborhood bike ride. With instruction from a team of experienced bike safety educators, students learn and practice:

  • Proper Helmet Fit and Bike Fit
  • How to Perform a Pre-Ride Bike Safety Check
  • How to Communicate with Traffic
  • Traffic Law, Rules of the Road, and Right of Way
  • Braking and Gear Shifting
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Lane Positioning, Lane Changing, and How to Make Left Turns
  • How to be Visible, Predictable, and Aware in Traffic

Bicycles and helmets are provided. Dedicated instruction is available for students who are still learning how to ride.

Drive Your Bike programs are typically delivered during regular PE class periods, as a 3-day series for students in grades 6-12. One-day 150-minute programs for 5th graders are available to some schools. Schools must provide a staff person to assist with supervision.

To request a Drive Your Bike program at your school, please fill out the Drive Your Bike Request Form.

To learn more, please email Barron Johnston at