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Alameda County BikeMobile

The BikeMobile (BMB) is a mobile bicycle repair clinic that offers schools, community organizations, and public events in Alameda County free bike repair services, and bike mechanics & safety education. We offer this resource to the public through the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program, focusing primarily on families from low-income communities. We have found that up to 50% of Alameda County’s students do not ride their bikes due to minor issues, such as a flat tire or worn out brakes. BMB addresses this problem by bringing mechanics to them!

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BikeMobile Program

The Alameda County BikeMobile program is funded by the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

How to request a visit

The BikeMobile is a free service that focuses on serving youth and families in Alameda County. Each visit lasts between 2-4 hours, and we can fix between 10-40 bikes per visit, including fixing flat tires, adjust brakes and gears, and replacing old chains, seats, and tires. Schedule us to join an existing event or make us the main attraction!

Minimum Requirements

  • Permission from principal or director
  • Space requirements: a 20×20 ft. space available for the BikeMobile to park
  • A point-of-contact available to assist with intake in the first hour of the visit
  • A person able to promote the visit at the school or organization
  • At least ten (10) people must be signed-up to participate 48 hours in advance of a BikeMobile visit. Note that if this requirement is unmet, the visit may be cancelled.
  • To ensure that youth and families maximize their opportunity to learn about bicycle repair, all visits occurring during school hours will be scheduled to take place at 11 AM or later.

Follow the six easy steps below to schedule your visit:

Step 1:

Check for Eligibility

Make sure your event meets the minimum requirements.

Step 2:

Check Our Calendar

Find a perfect available date.

Step 3:

Apply Online

You may also download a form in English or Spanish and email us when it is complete.


Now that your event has been scheduled, use these materials to help you get the word out and get organized:

Step 4:


Step 5:


  • On-Site Contact Checklist:
    English | Spanish
  • Coordinator Fact Sheet:
    English | Spanish
  • Provide us with the number of people signed up at least 48 hours before event
  • Provide us with a count of how many bikes are parked on your bike racks 5-7 days before the event

Step 6:


  • Appoint someone to help BMB with intake for the first hour of the visit
  • If a person can stay during the entire visit, they can help set-up and clean-up

After the visit, BikeMobile will contact you with a post-event survey link asking you to respond with feedback within 1 week of the event. Support your local bike shops by downloading this 2014-2015 list of bike shops in Alameda County.


We kindly remind everyone that California state law requires all bicyclists under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.

Note for School Visits: We cannot repair bikes not belonging to guardians or school staff.

Note for Public Events: We prioritize youth and parent bikes, if there is a high demand. However, our educational services are open to everyone, even for those without a bike.


  • * Indicates that event is private and closed to the public.