Bike Rodeo

Elementary school child riding his bike through the bike rodeo course.

Bike Rodeos are fun and hands-on training events that introduce elementary school students to skills and techniques for safe cycling on the road.

A team of experienced bike safety educators instruct students how to fit a helmet and check whether a bike is safe to ride. Students then ride through a course that simulates city streets, to practice proper starting and stopping technique, learn hand signaling, and realize the importance of riding safely and predictably.

Bicycles and helmets are provided. Dedicated instruction is available for students who are still learning how to ride.

Bike Rodeos are typically delivered to students in grades 3-5 during class time or school festivals. Bike Rodeos are also available to youth in grades K-6 at scheduled community events, Monday through Saturday, between 8AM and 4PM. We can accommodate up to 20 students at a time, on a blacktop no smaller than a basketball court. Schools must provide a staff person to assist with supervision.

To request a Bike Rodeo at your elementary school, please fill out the Bike Rodeo Request Form.

To request a Bike Rodeo at your community event, or to learn more, please email Barron Johnston at