Learning at Home: Resources for Everyone


  • Biking Safety Tips
  • Walking Safety Tips
  • Check out Slow Streets events near you! If you’re in Alameda, Emeryville or Oakland, take a stroll or roll on local streets that are closed to cars, with plenty of space for physical activity with social distancing.
  • Bilingual Tips for Teaching Kids to Ride Bikes – Want to teach your kids how to ride a bike? Here are some tips in English and in Spanish.
  • Safe Routes Movie List – Check out our Safe Routes movie list for a selection of bicycling-related films and documentaries.
  • The Smart Route for Bike Security – A helpful guide for keeping your bike locked up (and what to do if someone steals it).
  • Self-Guided Walking and Biking Tours – Enjoy the outdoors with this list of some of our favorite walking and biking trips you can take in Alameda County. Trips are accessible to most ages. Please check each trip for more information.
  • Bike Maintenance Worksheet – This worksheet teaches the parts of a bike as well as the ABC Quick Check and other elements of basic maintenance. This version is best for younger students.
    • This version of the Bike Maintenance Worksheet leaves the bike parts unlabeled so that older students can fill in the blanks.