School Safety Assessments

Walk Audit photo

A school safety assessment (also known as a walk audit) is a school event used to identify and evaluate the safety issues around a school with the help of the school community. Safe Routes to Schools staff and the school community identify programmatic, engineering and/or infrastructure treatments that are the most appropriate solution for that school.

You can learn more about SR2S School Safety Assessments in this handy flier.

Assessment participants can include parents, staff, students, city or county planners and engineers, traffic safety officers, local elected officials, and other interested stakeholders. Safe Routes to Schools offers school safety assessments on a limited basis. Contact us to request a school safety assessment or complete this School Safety Assessment Request Form.

After the Assessment: Improvement Plans

After an assessment, our planners draw up an improvement plan showing possible solutions to identified issues and safety concerns. A draft improvement plan is then delivered to school district and city/county staff, who then provide input on the plan’s recommendations. An improvement plan is finalized after our planners incorporate the feedback received from school district and city/county staff. Once complete, the plans could be used by the city or county to prepare grant funding applications like the Active Transportation Program.

Previously conducted School Safety Assessments can be found at the link below.

Completed Alameda County SR2S School Safety Assessments