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Drive Your Bike 102 – Bike Safety Education with a Focus on Environmental Science

Drive Your Bike 102 Online Classroom Presentation Series – Bicycle Safety Education

Like our engaging in-person class, the Drive Your Bike 102 virtual program incorporates climate science in its lessons to prepare students to bicycle safely – whether to school or around their neighborhood – and encourages them to start riding more often. The online classroom presentation series will cover aspects of bike safety (helmet and bike fit), getting on the road (includes pre-ride safety check & bike handling skills), and navigating streets safely (rules of road), while incorporating elements of environmental education.

Presentation details:

  • Session length: 2 hours
  • Number of students/classes that can be accommodated at once: Up to 40 students, either by classroom or by opt-in. Teacher, school representative or parent must be present.
  • Number of classes that can be booked at one school per day: Four classes per school per day; maximum of six classes per school in a one-week period.
  • Active movement component?: Yes
  • Technology requirements: Zoom or school’s preferred platform

This activity is best suited for middle and high school students, but all ages are welcome.

To book, fill out the Drive Your Bike Request Form or email Justin Aguinaldo at

In-Person Drive Your Bike 102

While in-person Drive Your Bike 102 isn’t an option during Shelter-in-Place, we hope it will return soon. Here’s how it works:

Drive Your Bike 102 incorporates climate science lessons into the existing high school Drive Your Bike 101 program. In addition to preparing students to bicycle safely to school and around their neighborhoods, DYB 102 incorporates elements of environmental education and engages students in hands-on labs preceded by brief lectures. Lessons combine essential elements of bicycling safety with environmental education concepts. The program is ideal for STEM and/or P.E. classes and is four days long.

This activity is best suited for high schools (in class).