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Engineering – Technical Assistance

As part of school safety efforts, Alameda County SR2S Program staff can provide technical assistance for schools upon request, often as a follow-up to a school safety assessment. Technical assistance includes mapping suggested routes, enrollment, demographic and socioeconomic data, and collision data; implementation of improved drop-off procedures; bike parking location or design; signage or striping plans; and cost estimates for recommended improvements.

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International Walk & Roll to School Day

When: Oct. 2020

What: Every October, nearly 200 hundred Alameda County schools start the school year off on the right foot by celebrating walking & biking to school!

Pedestrian Rodeos

When: All year long

What: A team of safety instructors conducts this engaging and fun-filled traffic simulation course to teach students safe pedestrian behaviors.

Alameda County BikeMobile

When: All year long

What: The BikeMobile is like combining a bookmobile and a bicycle repair shop. The BikeMobile makes visits all around the county to repair bicycles for students and reinforce safe bicycling.

Bike Rodeos

When: All year long

What: Rodeos are fun-filled courses that focus on introducing elementary and middle school students to safe bicycle handling skills and riding techniques on the road.

Drive Your Bike

When: All year long

What: The Drive Your Bike program is ideal for PE teachers who want to provide intensive bike safety education and training to middle and high school students.

Family Cycling Clinics

When: To be announced

What: We offer weekend clinics where families learn together how to bicycle safely on city streets. These clinics are open to the public.

Bike Blender

When: All year long

What: The Bike Blender uses bike pedal power to create smoothies, and can be a great tool to teach students about health and wellness.

Ongoing Walk & Roll to School Days

When: All year long

What: We offer schools themes and activities to hold monthly walk & roll to school days, keeping up enthusiasm for walking & biking all year long

Walking School Buses & Bike Trains

When: All year long

What: A Walking School Bus is a group of families living in the same neighborhood who form a walking group to take children in their area to and/or from school.

Golden Sneaker Contest

When: Feb. 24 - March 6, 2020

What: Every year, we challenge students to choose active travel to school during a two-week period. The classroom with the most active trips wins the coveted Golden Sneaker trophy!

Cocoa for Carpools

When: Winter

What: This warm winter event rewards students who carpool to school with a cup of hot cocoa. The event is usually led and organized by the students themselves.

Educator’s Guide

When: All year long

What: The new 2nd edition of the Safe Routes to Schools K-5 Educator Guide has been revised to include new activities and correlations to Common Core standards.

Bike to School Day

When: May 6, 2020

What: On the second Thursday in May or any day during Bike Month, we celebrate Bike to School Day with schools and families across the Bay Area.

School Safety Assessments

When: All year long

What: A school safety assessment is a school/community event used to identify and evaluate the safety issues around a school.


“Go Green” Classroom Curriculum

When: All year long

What: “Go Green” classroom curriculum encourages and teaches middle school students to choose healthy transportation modes to travel to school.

Youth Task Force

When: 2020 - Exact date to be announced

What: The high school program brings together student representatives from each high school once a month to organize events, learn from each other, and engage with guest speakers

Drive Your Bike 102

When: All Year Long

What: Bike safety education with a focus on environmental science.

Pedestrian Safety Workshops

When: All Year Long

What: This assembly-style presentation teaches students safe, lawful pedestrian behavior using our simulated city street course.

Travel Training

When: All Year Long

What: This fun and interactive activity teaches students everything about taking public transportation with a specific focus on using our local transit services, including AC Transit, Union City Transit, and Wheels.


When: All Year Long

What: Resources for everyone!

Technical Assistance to Schools

When: All Year Long

What: More information coming soon!



When: All Year Long

What: Safe Routes to Schools Evaluation Report


When: All Year Long

What: Helmet safety resources


When: All Year Long

What: Access Safe Routes

National Rail Safety Month

When: September 22 - September 28, 2019

What: We are joining our safety partners across the country in observing National Rail Safety Month in September and National Rail Safety Week from September 22-28. Our partner, California Operation Lifesaver, is leading Red Out for Rail Safety. You can help raise awareness at your school and save lives by joining the Red Out campaign!