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International Walk & Roll to School Day

When: October 2, 2019

What: Every October, nearly 200 hundred Alameda County schools start the school year off on the right foot by celebrating walking & biking to school!

Pedestrian Rodeos

When: All year long

What: A team of safety instructors conducts this engaging and fun-filled traffic simulation course to teach students safe pedestrian behaviors.

Alameda County BikeMobile

When: All year long

What: The BikeMobile is like combining a bookmobile and a bicycle repair shop. The BikeMobile makes visits all around the county to repair bicycles for students and reinforce safe bicycling.

Bike Rodeos

When: All year long

What: Rodeos are fun-filled courses that focus on introducing elementary and middle school students to safe bicycle handling skills and riding techniques on the road.

Drive Your Bike

When: All year long

What: The Drive Your Bike program is ideal for PE teachers who want to provide intensive bike safety education and training to middle and high school students.

Walk & Roll Assemblies

When: All year long

What: The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program in partnership with the Bay Area Children's Theater created Safe Routes-themed assembly shows for elementary and middle school students.

Family Cycling Clinics

When: To be announced

What: We offer weekend clinics where families learn together how to bicycle safely on city streets. These clinics are open to the public.

Bike Blender

When: All year long

What: The Bike Blender uses bike pedal power to create smoothies, and can be a great tool to teach students about health and wellness.

Ongoing Walk & Roll to School Days

When: All year long

What: We offer schools themes and activities to hold monthly walk & roll to school days, keeping up enthusiasm for walking & biking all year long

Walking School Buses & Bike Trains

When: All year long

What: A Walking School Bus is a group of families living in the same neighborhood who form a walking group to take children in their area to and/or from school.

Golden Sneaker Contest

When: Feb 25 - Mar 8, 2019

What: Every year, we challenge students to choose active travel to school during a two-week period. The classroom with the most active trips wins the coveted Golden Sneaker trophy!

Cocoa for Carpools

When: Winter

What: This warm winter event rewards students who carpool to school with a cup of hot cocoa. The event is usually led and organized by the students themselves.

Educator’s Guide

When: All year long

What: The new 2nd edition of the Safe Routes to Schools K-5 Educator Guide has been revised to include new activities and correlations to Common Core standards.

Bike to School Day

When: May 9, 2019

What: On the second Thursday in May or any day during Bike Month, we celebrate Bike to School Day with schools and families across the Bay Area.

School Safety Assessments

When: All year long

What: A school safety assessment is a school/community event used to identify and evaluate the safety issues around a school.

“Go Green” Classroom Curriculum

When: All year long

What: “Go Green” classroom curriculum encourages and teaches middle school students to choose healthy transportation modes to travel to school.

Youth Task Force

When: All year long

What: The high school program brings together student representatives from each high school once a month to organize events, learn from each other, and engage with guest speakers

Drive Your Bike 102 – Bike Safety Education with a Focus on Environmental Science

When: Aug 23, 2019

What: Drive Your Bike 102 incorporates climate science lessons into the existing high school Drive Your Bike 101 program. In addition to preparing students to bicycle safely to school and around their neighborhoods, DYB 102 incorporates elements of environmental education and engages students in hands-on labs preceded by brief lectures. Lessons combine essential elements of bicycling safety with environmental education concepts. The program is ideal for STEM and/or P.E. classes and is four days long.

Pedestrian Safety Workshops

When: Aug 23, 2019

What: In this assembly-style presentation, students will learn safe, lawful pedestrian behavior using our simulated city street course. During each session, our instructors review traffic signs and signals, pedestrian safety practices and potential dangers while on the road. A handful of students are picked at random to demonstrate safe pedestrian behaviors. Sessions are 30 minutes and can accommodate one to two classrooms per session, depending on the size of the space provided. Multiple sessions can be held throughout the day. This format allows the entire student body to participate in the workshop on the same day!

Travel Training

When: Aug 23, 2019

What: This fun and interactive activity teaches students everything about taking public transportation with a specific focus on using our local transit services, including AC Transit, Union City Transit, and Wheels. Students learn the steps of riding the bus, bus etiquette, how to get a Youth Clipper Card, and how to combine their trips with biking through a demonstration of how to load a bike onto the bus's bike racks.


When: Aug 23, 2019